Derby Tango was developed as a community group to advertise any events, workshops, lessons and anything else connected to the Argentine Tango dance in Derby and surrounding areas.

We run a practica twice a month on the first and third Sunday of each month where we facilitate occasional Tango workshops.  We follow the traditional way of dancing.tango, eg please stay in the ronda when dancing and respect other dancers.  A great place to practise and perfect your cabeceo technique.


We try to bring in teachers from different parts of the world.  For example we have had maestros visit from Argentina, Spain and the UK.


The money from the praticas (after expenses) is returned to  the group via  the Tango workshops arranged at special prices and the fundraising event in December of each year

Anyone is welcome to join us in Derby at the practicas & lessons no matter where you are on your Tango Journey.  


We are a very friendly and welcoming group.

Check out my blog for more information about what happens in Derby and Nottingham area.